The One & Only
Worth the Wait

Summary: This fantasy takes place after months of pandemic lock-down, aka the longest ‘dry spell’ I’ve ever experienced. This entry in my dirty diary is for one special person - you know who you are. Thank you. :)



It’s shortly before your arrival, and I’m slipping into something lacy that I bought especially for our date. My slit has been pulsing in anticipation for over an hour - and it moistens the crotch of my new panties the moment I pull them up over my hips. I can’t wait to toss them on the floor shortly after you arrive. I want to feel every inch of my bare skin pressed against yours. 


I coat my lips with gloss, do one final check in the mirror to make sure I look my absolute best for you, then walk to the bed. As I sit on its edge, awaiting a knock at the door to the suite I booked for the occasion, I feel a mix of impatience and excitement. It’s been far too long since I felt the incredible pleasure of penetration. I want you to be inside me, now.


When I hear that gentle knock, I jump up and rush to the door to greet you. I open the door and immediately smile at the handsome man looking back at me. Lucky me!


After a warm embrace, a deep kiss, and some pleasantries - you’re off to shower. I stretch out on our king-size bed, with several toys and oils next to me that I’m excited to play with - to enhance our pleasures this evening.


Usually, I would meditate while I wait for you to return - but tonight, I’m too fucking horny to think about anything other than the space between my legs. I reach down and slip two fingers into my wet panties and rub my clit. Tingles travel through my entire body. I dip them inside and smile when I feel just how wet I have gotten while thinking about you. 


When you emerge from the bathroom, I ask you to come to join me on the bed and lay on your stomach. Erotic massage is my favorite foreplay, and I can’t to tease, tickle, and rub all over your naked body.


I ask you to spread your legs so I can position myself on my knees in-between them. I strip my bra and panties off and toss them aside, before dripping oil down my bare tits, which flows down my tummy and in-between my thighs. 


I begin by running my fingertips gently down your back, across your ass, and down your legs, awakening your flesh as erotic electricity travels through you from head to toe. Then I run my fingers along your inner thighs and across your sack, causing you to moan softly.


I alternate between kneading the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders, and light sensual touches. I lean over and gently lick along your ear lobe before whispering, “How do you feel?” to which you reply with a deep moan then say, “Fantastic.” I smile - It makes me feel so good to know I can please you. You deserve it.


I slide my well-oiled body slowly down yours - pausing to drag my c cup breasts across your ass cheeks a few times more before I sit back between your legs and ask you if you want to flip over. You quickly turn onto your back. Looking down at your lap, I am pleased to see that you’re already fully erect.


I bend down and begin gently licking and kissing your inner thighs, then around your pelvic area, and your lower tummy. I look up to see you watching me - so I decide to give you a show - I lick your shaft slowly several times, up and down, before forcing your cock down my throat to its base. You moan again, loudly this time. My mouth is so warm and wet, and you love filling it up. I love it too - and I can feel my pussy responding by dripping cum onto the bed. I pull my head back slowly - then force it down again, and again, and again. I’m gagging myself - making my mouth wetter and wetter for you each time. Each time, you can feel the tip of your shaft hitting the back of my throat.


I want to continue, but my pussy is beginning to ache, and I know I need you to fill it immediately.


I grab my butt plug and some lube and lie down on my back to insert it. You lean over to kiss me and grab a handful of my firm tits. I inhale sharply as I force the large glass plug past my tightest opening, then exhale slowly as waves of pleasure wash over me.


I spread my legs as wide as I can and ask you to fuck me, and you’re on top of me a moment later.


Between the butt plug’s ample size and my three months of celibacy, you have to push hard to enter my tight little pussy. My juices help you glide in as you stretch me open, and soon I’m completely filled with your cock. It feels ecstatic, and my eyes roll back in my head as a let out a deep moan. Finally!


I grab your ass cheeks with both hands and pull you into me over and over again, increasingly harder. I’m clenching my pussy around your shaft as tightly as I can, and it feels so fucking incredible. The look on your face tells me that you’re in heaven too - moaning louder with every thrust - beads of sweat forming on your brow.


I feel a familiar tingling sensation, and I want to cum all over your dick - so I begin rocking my hips back and forth while clenching hard, hitting my g spot just right, over and over again, and soon I’m unleashing a flood of juices. They flow down my ass crack and onto the bed beneath me as you continue pumping your shaft inside me.


You look at me intently and ask the question I’ve been waiting far too long to hear.


“Can I fuck your ass?”


I nod vigorously and reach down to remove my glass plug so you can replace it with your throbbing cock. 


My long legs are stretched up over your head, and you hold my ankles as I guide you inside. 


“Ohhhhhhhh fuccckkkkkkk!” the words tumble from my mouth as my eyes roll back again. 


Every pump feels like an orgasm for my entire body. You make me feel so amazing.


“I love having my ass filled by you - fuck me, fuck me, yes!” This was sooo worth the wait.


I grab my vibrator and spread my legs wide so you can watch me fuck my pussy while you fuck my ass. Almost immediately, I feel another wave of tingles, and I know I’m going to cum again - hard. My whole body shudders, and my pussy clenches tightly around my toy as another rush of cum arrives. This time it drips down onto your cock and gets pumped into my ass.


I can see on your face that you’re getting close, too. I ask you to flip me over, so I’m lying on my tummy - I want you to watch your cock dip in and out of my eager little asshole before filling it with your sperm.


I pop my ass up and ask you to spread my cheeks open while re-entering my rear. “Ohhhhhhh fuck - that’s perfect!” 


A few more thrusts, and you’re ready to burst. You push the entire length of your cock deep into my ass and release a massive load. 


It feels warm and incredible and sends another wave of pleasure through my body.


“That was exactly what I needed,” I say, with a big smile on my face. "Thank you!"


I motion for you to come to lie next to me. “You’ll probably need some rest before round two!” ;)


XO Dylan