The One & Only
This is My Last Full Year in NYC

Hello All!

I've made a major life decision that is going to take me away from this city. I'll be moving on to paradise! (See photo)

I'm not sure exactly which month I will make my exit, I just know that nature has been calling to me more and more lately, and no weekend upstate will satisfy this craving. I want to live where I can wake up and plant my bare feet on the earth, walk to the sea for a swim each morning, and just generally get back to the simple pleasures of the human experience. It's been almost a decade in this concrete jungle and I've had my fill of fast-paced city living. I used to consider fine dining and nightlife fun, and now my idea of fun is having my own garden and trying my hand at growing my own food. My health is very important to me and it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay healthy on the grid, with the prevalence of pesticides and other chemicals/polutants in the air and water supply. Meanwhile, there are numerous benefits to living by the ocean and amongst the trees.

That said, Dylan will be retiring when I leave here, taking some wonderful memories with me! 

I hope to spend some more quality time with you before I disappear into the jungle. ;)

You know how to reach me.

XO Dylan