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Tantric Teachings; The Link Between Sexual Energy & Sound

As you may have read, I am currently studying Tantra, on the path to practitioner certification in the new year. Among the many interesting things I am learning, the connection between sexual energy and sex sounds (read: moans) has been particularly intriguing. 

As a spiritual energy healing & cleansing practice, sound therapy has been a daily ritual of mine for the past two years. To not only listen, but to feel music with your entire energetic body is quite a fascinating, beautiful experience. Also, this form of meditation can be practiced regardless of one's ability to slow the "monkey mind" (aka analytical mind) making it less challenging and more enjoyable for many, myself included.

Now I am learning that awareness of various sound pitches (notes) that correspond to chakra energy centers in the body can also help us identify where sexual energy is concentrated in our physical being, as well as our lovers! 

For example, when our sex sounds are released as low, ooooooh (as in: goose) sounds, our sexual energy is most intensely present in our lowest two chakras; the root and sacral chakras. Whereas, if they are emitted as an eeeeee sound (as in: peep) the energy has traveled all the way to our upper two chakras; third eye and crown.

Part of my homework was to sit and make these sounds, from lowest to highest. I encourage you to do the same! You will feel the sound reverberating through your entire primary (7) chakra system. Pay attention to where you feel the sound vibration is weaker, as this indicates that particular chakra energy center is blocked. 

If you are wondering why all this matters, let me spell out one good reason very simply: full-body orgasm. Yes, indeed our ability to increase the movement and circulation of our sexual energy (during lovemaking or masturbation) is paramount in enhancing the intensity and duration of our orgasms. This is a core principal in Tantric sexual practices. 

Conscious breathwork is another important component in the art of the full-body orgasm. It also happens to be another personal interest of mine in the realm of spiritual practices, due to its ability to calm the nervous system, induce feeling of inner peace, and also increase various detoxification processes. That said, breathwork will be given its own diary entry. 

Now I return to my studies!

Xo Dylan