The One & Only
Sleep, Interrupted

Summary: An awakening, literally and physically.

I’m already cumming when I stir from my sleep. I can feel fingers inside of me...and his warm, deep breaths on my naked body. My mind starts racing as I try to decide what to do next.

I know who’s hand is penetrating me, and why….but before now he has never come to me in the middle of the night. This is the first time I have been awoken by him. I feel a bit scared and momentarily irritated that my sleep has been interrupted. I love my sleep, and I haven’t been getting enough of it lately. Still, his thick fingers are warm and they’re stretching me open just slightly…and I can’t deny that I'm enjoying the sensation. My lack of protest seems to be the only cue he needs to take things further.

I can’t see him in the darkness and it’s disorienting. Suddenly I feel a hand clamp down on my throat and I let out a gasp and try to wiggle away, which only causes my pelvis to push down further onto his hand that’s inside me. Fuck, I’m into this, I think. I'm not ready to say it out loud yet, so instead, I just stop wiggling and let my legs fall apart. A non-verbal submission, of sorts.

My heart is racing and my pussy is pulsing. I can feel my juices forming a pool under my ass. He pulls his fingers out of my slit and just a moment after I smell a sweet aroma wafting towards me, his fingers are in my mouth and I can taste myself. He begins forcing them deep down my throat, spreading my mouth open, much the way he was spreading my pussy open moments ago. I can feel my saliva glands kick in and my mouth gets wetter. “I’m going to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours.” He says. And then he does.

He repositions my head at the angle he needs to fully access the depths of my throat. His hand is on my neck again. He’s standing over me, next to the bed, pushing his long, thick dick into my face… slowly, purposefully, forcefully. I’m gagging for air, and I feel him getting harder in my mouth as he uses it for his own gratification. He pulls out of my throat and fucks the inside of my cheeks, then rubs my saliva all over my face.

His strength allows him to move my body around as if I were a doll that he’s playing with. He flips me over and shoves two pillows under my pelvis so my ass is propped up in the air. He spreads my legs open as wide as he can…and spits onto my tight little asshole. An involuntary moan escapes my throat. He’s about to insert himself into the last of my three fuckable holes. I’m quivering with pleasure and I know I’m going to be cumming again in no time once the tip of his cock pushes its way into my most sensitive opening.

A few moments pass and he’s silent. He’s not holding me down, or even touching me now…but I can still feel his dominance over my body as if he were.

Ask,” he says. I realize I haven’t spoken a word since I awoke, and my reply comes out almost as a squeak…”What?”

I feel two sharp pains as he firmly spanks both sides of my exposed ass that’s propped up in front of him.

ASK for it.” He repeats. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“I love being stretched open and fucked hard," I say, as he grips my still stinging cheeks and spreads them apart. "Please, will you fuck my ass?”

“I guess I have to, don’t I? Since you don’t seem to have learned your lesson yet.”

And as I feel him gearing up to properly punish me, he says “Maybe when I’m done with you here tonight, you’ll finally start paying your fucking rent on time.”