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I Had My First Energy Orgasm...By Accident. (Tantric Exploration)

Summary: Exploring the mind/body connection and cultivating increased sexual energy.

I had an incredible first yesterday. 

I'd been lying in meditation for about 20 minutes, observing my brain wave states change from beta to alpha, to theta, and enjoying full-body relaxation and peace of mind.

Side note: I’m currently reading Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza - learning more about the infinite power of the mind. I highly recommend it!

As I lay there, I could feel my brain waves move into a coherent pattern, which felt absolutely amazing, (like a mental massage!) Then for some reason (I’ll have to research this later), the tingling feeling in my head expanded, and found its way to between my legs. That is not a usual occurrence for me, during meditation, so I got curious and leaned into it.

Once my guided meditation ended I bent my knees and put the soles of my feet together, so my legs were spread wide from the hips, and I began focusing intensely on the tingling feeling between them. As Dr. Joe says, “where your attention goes, your energy goes,” and so, as I lay there concentrating on this incredible sensation, it grew stronger and stronger. I felt myself getting wet, which simultaneously fascinated me, and turned me on even more. And after just a few minutes of channeling all of my energy to the space between my legs, I brought myself to an intense climax. It was so...fucking...amazing!!! Afterward, I just lay there for about 10 minutes, processing what had just occurred. I was in awe - This journey of discovering the abundant power of my mind has been fascinating. Truly!

While I was processing, I realized that I had, in fact, brought myself to orgasm through thought alone many times in the past, but never while conscious. Throughout the years, I’ve had plenty of sex dreams…and when I’m lucky, my imagination paints a picture that’s vivid enough to bring me to climax, which on certain nights would actually wake me from my sleep. Now that I’ve learned about meditation and particularly brain wave states, I understand that it’s much easier to do something like that in a sleeping state than when the conscious mind is more awake/active. 

This morning I’ve been researching mindful sex, and I discovered a few articles about Tantric Sex that really piqued my interest. I recently had a long-time client reach out to express interest in my new session style, and he mentioned that he has been practicing mindful (Tantric) sex for years. He shared about how he is able to make his orgasm energy travel up his spine up to his mind, and that the pleasure is much more drawn out and of heightened intensity. He also said that for days after having Tantric Sex, he has noticed an increase in his energy/stamina in day-to-day life. That all sounded fantastic to me, and after yesterday’s experience and today’s research, I am certain that this is something I want to explore. 

I love orgasms as much as the next person, but they're always over too soon! Learning how to prolong arousal and climax would be a very welcome development. I'm going to continue researching and practicing on my own starting...well, yesterday. Haha! But I do prefer sex with a partner (a real, live cock is my favorite pleasure-facilitator...which cannot be replaced by a toy!), so I am excited to find suitable partners to further explore this practice.

If you have any experience with mindful sex (or Tantric Sex in particular) or are a fellow newbie who's interested in exploring with me - I’d love to hear from you! Let’s connect, mind, body, and spirit and reach new heights of pleasure together.

XO Dylan