The One & Only

Summary: Spotlighting a fucking fantastic orgasm during a recent (GFE) date. 

I part my thighs and look at you invitingly as you move towards me. Just glancing at your thick, hard cock makes juices flow from my slit, and my pussy is pulsing in anticipation of you driving your shaft deep inside. As you lower your tall, muscular frame onto me, I grab ahold of your arms and pull you in. The moment the tip of your shaft pushes past my slippery lips I tilt my head back and let out a long, deep moan as I surrender to the waves of arousal you’ve sent to every inch of my body.

My hands find their way to your backside and my hips begin grinding in rhythm with your thrusts, hitting my g spot just right, over and over again.


Ohhhhh yes


I love it




Such a good cock


Give it to me


Yes, yes, yes!


Pleasure travels in waves throughout me, while juices flow from me, and I am on the precipice of an exhilarating eruption. You encourage me to keep rocking my hips back and forth against your engorged member and watch my expressions change as I move closer and closer to climax. My mouth opens wider, my moans become louder and my fingers are clutching your backside pulling you in deep as I arrive at that ecstatic moment. I bury my face in your warm chest with eyes closed as time stops and euphoria is all that exists for awhile.

Once I return to EST, my bed, and you, and I smile and thank you. I want to tell you that you’ve satisfied me completely, but I hold my tongue, because I've already begun fantasizing about reaching new heights of pleasure together when I invite you to enter through my back door on our next date. Just thinking about your beautiful dick pushing past my delicate rosebud opening, stretching me open and filling me up, makes my thighs tremble with desire.

Until next time,

XO Dylan