The One & Only
My Visit to an Exclusive Sex Club

Summary: I went to a sex party with a few friends last week and it was WILD.

I wore a lacy crop top with no bra underneath, a black mini skirt and stilettos. When we walked in, I was pleasantly surprised to see very attractive people all around us. A statuesque young woman with long blonde hair caught my eye almost immediately. I made a mental note to approach her after I’d gotten acclimated to the unique environment. After only 5 minutes of sitting on a couch, legs crossed and eyes wild with desire, I hopped up and announced that I was going to find some playmates. My friends followed me into the next area, which was concealed behind a wide black velvet curtain. In this playroom area, there were all sorts of naughty activities transpiring. A projector displayed a loop of erotica scenes on one wall. As beautiful women walked by the projector light, it cast their svelte silhouettes over the film clips. I could already feel warmth and moisture between my legs at this point.

A woman with incredible curves was on all fours on a massage table while a Dominatrix used a leather whip on her ass over and over. With every impact, she let out a deep moan that let us all know she was in heaven submitting to the woman who stood over her.

There was a room-length row of beds pushed together along one wall, to create one long play-bed. As my friends wandered in separate directions, chasing their own desires…I noticed mine (the blonde) posted up in the middle of the elongated bed area, so I sashayed over and joined her. I introduced myself and told her I thought she was absolutely gorgeous, to which she smiled and offered me the same compliment in return. I asked if she wanted to play. She didn’t offer a verbal reply, and instead lifted her top over her head and pulled me into her. Her lips tasted like vanilla and they were so soft. I melted into her… I wanted to see what her other lips tasted like, so I pushed a lock of her hair away from her ear and whispered “Can I please you?” then scanned my eyes down her body to her pussy. She pulled her booty shorts down her long legs and tossed them to the side of us. I paused a few moments to savor her kisses before moving down to wrap my lips around her pussy. Slippery wetness covered my mouth as I gently stroked and circled her clit with my tongue. Her moans were encouraging, so I began to slowly slip two fingers inside while continuing the same motions on her clit. I gently circled her g spot with my fingertips while licking…feeling her body contract and squeeze gently around my digits as I worked on her. Only a few minutes of the simultaneous stimulations and she was clenching harder around my fingers and increasing the volume of her moans. Then she released all over my hand and tongue. Her cum was as sweet as her vanilla lipgloss.

I felt a hand on my back and I turned to see a handsome man leaning over me. He asked if he could join the fun. I was overdue for some stimulation of my own so I nodded yes and hiked up my black skirt around my waist. I leaned over my pretty blonde date so I could kiss her again and let her taste herself, then propped myself up with my knees spread wide so he could fuck me doggy-style. When he entered me, my knees almost buckled, it felt so fucking good. Intense waves of pleasure traveled through my entire body. I opened my eyes to see blondie smiling so big at me. She could see how good I felt and was enjoying watching my facial expressions of pleasure. I started to get really fired up and began dirty talking. I told him to fucking pound my dripping wet cunt and to slap my ass too. While I was going to town on blondie’s snatch I had completely forgotten that there were about 50 other people in the room, but I tuned back into our surroundings then and wanted to give everyone a good show, like a good exhibitionist slut. The handsome stud was happy to oblige and began ramming the full length of his cock into me over and over again. My lace-covered tits were bouncing and bumping against blondie’s bare breasts. He just kept pounding and pounding me until I was seeing stars. When his moans increased in frequency and volume and I knew he was close to blowing a load, I turned and asked him to cum in my mouth when he was ready. He nodded and motioned for me to turn around. I stroked his engorged cock a few times and flicked under the tip of his dick with my tongue and he soon released a massive load into my mouth. I closed my lips and smiled up at him before turning my head back to blondie, who was sprawled out underneath me. I looked her in the eyes and opened my mouth so she could see his sperm on my tongue, inviting her to share it with me. She leaned in and began kissing me deeply, moving the cum around our mouths and coating each other’s lips with it. Then we both swallowed the seeds we’d just swapped.

I rested for about 5 minutes before a new interest caught my eye, then I was up and pouncing again. The night went on for 2-3 more hours after my first 3 sum at the play party and each experience was equally as memorable and exciting. What a beautiful thing, to have spaces where people can connect and indulge in their wildest fantasies…completely free of reservation and judgment. I approve, and I will return.

XO Dylan