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My Secret Life As An Enthusiastic Slut

Summary: The inner workings of my naughty mind have inspired yet another new session option

I’ve been exceptionally hungry for cock this year. I’ve worn out the batteries in my vibrator at least half a dozen times as I let my mind wander to all the debaucherous places it wants to go, again and again. I love getting myself off as I daydream about getting fucked in all my holes...feeling slippery juices flow from my cunt and down my ass, as my imagination runs wild.

I have a secret that nobody in my day-to-day life is aware of; I’m a very naughty girl.

Those who know me from my career-related work or social engagements would describe me as a lot of things; bubbly, sweet, kind, friendly. What they would never describe me as, though, is a naughty girl. Nobody would ever guess that I have such wild and uninhibited thoughts swirling around my mind, while I maintain such a nice girl exterior. Yesterday I was at the co-working space that functions as my start-up company office and I got an email notification that I was accepted for the sex party membership I applied for after last week's adventure. I had to dim my laptop screen until I could barely see anything so I could (excitedly!) read the email details without anyone near me becoming the wiser about its contents.

I like having this secret, and especially since I have my alter-ego, Dylan, through which I can explore these parts of myself. Since I expanded my offerings to include an Unleashed session, I’ve had too many intense moments of pleasure to count. Each has been exciting and memorable in its own way. That’s one of the best parts of having multiple partners. Each one brings something new to the table (read: bed) to explore together.

I love learning about what turns someone on, then fulfilling that desire for them. Although I of course love receiving pleasure, I have discovered that I derive much satisfaction through giving pleasure too. That increases my stimulation immensely. I feel empowered knowing I can make someone else feel so good.

I felt the urge to write this journal entry because I was just daydreaming about giving (epic) head to a beautiful dick, and I realized my pussy was very wet…before I even touched it! My vivid imagination and highly responsive body are both remarkable to me. Not something to write home about per se, but definitely something noteworthy for my dirty diary. ;)

My natural inclination veers to the kinky side. I love mutual dirty talk, a hand clamped down on my neck while I’m getting fucked hard, and anal penetration is the absolute best. I generally have no complaints in the sexual activity department, since my needs are frequently met, (and sometimes exceeded!) However, there is one activity that I’ve been fantasizing about for quite some time now, and that Dylan has yet to enjoy. And so, I’ve added a new session to my repertoire. 

When I’m with one suitor, I will sometimes use my vibrator toy to mimic this experience, but it does not compare to the feeling of a live, warm, pulsing erection. I’ve had just about all the fun a girl can have with one (real) cock at a time. Now I want to see what new realm of pleasure I can enter with two at once. I wonder how soon I can find two willing gentlemen to join me for some DP action and a double-facial finish. Now that’s an encounter that will certainly warrant a follow-up diary entry. ;)

Stay tuned,

XO Dylan