The One & Only
Metamorphosis; Not Just for Amphibians!

Dear Diary Readers,

The past two years have been a dedicated time of going inward (cocooning, if you will.) Through exploring many spiritual and personal development practices, I have outgrown certain aspects of myself and connected more deeply to others.

I have become more empowered and mature; a woman who lives intentionally, in a way that keeps me in alignment with my deeper purpose, focused on my priorities, and on the path to reach my goals in life. I have begun practicing setting boundaries internally (self-discipline!) and in my relationships. I have also committed to myself that I will no longer stray from my path to cater to others’ expectations, especially when they conflict with my own best interests.

This kind of awakening, and deepening of relationship to Self, comes with some growing pains. Overall it has been greatly rewarding and nurturing at a deep, soul level. 

As I continue to grow in this direction, investing much time, energy, and money to become the best version of myself and create my ideal life, I also naturally become more protective of my personal space, and who I invite into it. It has taken consistent effort and significant time to find inner peace. Now that I have, I firmly believe that it’s priceless. So you will not find me engaging in dynamics that rob me of it, even for a short while. There is a saying that mirrors my philosophy; "If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive." Indeed.

That said, I am leaving behind a particular type of client who possesses energy that I consider harmful to my wellbeing. This is a man who, either consciously or unconsciously, views women as objects that he can possess. This man, after passing me an envelope a few times for sessions, will start acting like he’s entitled to my attention, time, and energy, during my personal time. When I don’t cater to his misguided expectations, passive aggression (tantrum behavior) usually follows. I have had enough experiences with men with fragile egos and/or control issues to learn all the relevant lessons therein, and now I’m done tolerating this behavior.

I am a free spirit. I will not be caged. Respect that, or stay away. If you find my direct, assertive demeanor to be a turn-off, then you’re not my type either.

On that note, I am becoming much more intentional about the kind of gentleman I want to spend my time with. I love to take good care of a man who offers me good company. Those who have also taken the journey inward, and have developed some emotional intelligence and wisdom in the process; you’re at the top of my list. If you have experienced a spiritual awakening or at least, have developed an awareness of the power of Divine Feminine energy (or, Goddess energy) you are just my type. I'd love to connect with you. Let’s combine your Divine Masculine and my Divine Feminine energy and experience some magic together.

Better yet, surrender to me fully and allow me to guide you on an erotic journey that you will remember always. The kind of experience that, when you conjure its memory later on, (and you will...often) you'll get goosebumps on your skin and an immediate tightening in the crotch of your pants. Then you'll return to me so you can relive this divinely pleasurable experience again, and again, and again. ;)

To call me a Domme doesn't feel fitting yet, and it may never. I'm still a warm, friendly Canadian gal at heart and I've never seen or heard of a Domme like that before. I'm sure in time I'll find a title that fits. All I know for now is this; I am a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. Neither will I hesitate to tell you no if you step out of line. (...and if being denied by a beautiful woman turns you on, well, so much the better then.) 

Now, I am calling in men who are comfortable with some mystery, have an open mind and a desire for erotic exploration, and can let their guard down enough to be fully present for their experience with me.

To be clear, you do not need to enjoy being bound or whipped, (see: Classic and Exploratory offerings) I just need you to be comfortable allowing a woman to take the lead. I can say with great certainty that you’ll be glad you did.

For me, 2022 will be a year of abundant pleasure, authentic connection, and bountiful health and wellbeing. 

Would you like to join me?

Xo Dylan