The One & Only
Law and Order(s)

Summary: A beautiful Dominatrix gets pulled over by a cop and teaches him a lesson. Fiction.

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It’s a long journey by car from my new hometown of New York City to Savannah Georgia, where I was born. The hustle-and-bustle of the Big Apple has kept me busy and satisfied over the past few years, and I haven’t felt the urge to return to my family home since I made the decision to pack up and move to the city of opportunities. Well, that…and I am not looking forward to lying to my parent's faces. 

I’ve been working as a Dom for 18 months and it’s currently my sole form of income. My country bumpkin parents would surely have simultaneous heart attacks if I told them what I’ve been up to. Their small town, small-minded view of acceptable career paths would never allow the inclusion of something so taboo, so stigmatized. I, on the other hand, have expanded my worldview through being in the greatest city in the world, and by meeting colorful characters with free spirits and seemingly few limitations. I view Dom work as an outlet to explore an innate part of myself, on my terms, and under my control. I find my endeavors as a Dom exhilarating and wholly rewarding. And aside from everything else, I’m good at it. My clients adore me. They return again and again so I can remind them how uncertain power is, and how easily it can all be stripped away.

As I cruise along the highway somewhere in Virginia with the windows down and a cool breeze caressing my soft skin, I’m already longing to return to my new life where all the action is. But I promised I’d go home for the long weekend and I know my parents would be crushed if I postponed my visit yet again. Hopefully I can find some sort of trouble to get into while I’m there.

My mind wanders to yesterday’s “trouble” (read: fun). I had a session with a man who comes to see me every month lately. In his daily life, he’s a powerful CEO at a national company. He’s used to calling the shots and has a team of people working under him who follow his orders 60 hours a week. He comes to see me to relinquish control to the nth degree. The first few times I saw him he needed some training, but now he’s a good little sub and does what he’s told immediately. Lately, I have been tying his wrists and ankles to the bedposts of the bed in his hotel suite with a gag in his mouth, then abandoning him for stretches of time while I entertain friends in the living room. Once every hour I will duck back into the room alone to tease him for a short while. I’ll move the tip of my tongue up and down his shaft and across his inner thighs and his sack until I can see erotic torture written all over his face and he’s begging me to cum, to which I simply reply “No” before I get up and leave the room again.


****siren sounds****


Fuck. What’s this nonsense?

I look at my speedometer and realize that my thoughts have distracted me from following the rules of the road, and I’ve been driving well over the speed limit for an undetermined amount of time. I look in my review mirror to see a police car driven by an officer who’s motioning for me to pull over. I oblige, and come to a halt on a patch of grass, surrounded by farmland. 

Glancing at my side mirror, I watch as the cop emerges from his vehicle. A handsome man in uniform, likely in his late 40’s. I do a quick check of my appearance in my rearview and confirm that I look hot enough to use my feminine wiles to dispute a ticket if he gets difficult with me. The wind has tousled my long blonde hair, my skin is glowing and my red lips look ripe and luscious. Perfect.

As he approaches my driver-side window, I quickly tug my tank top down an inch, to expose some of my perky, braless tits.

Looks like I didn’t need to wait until Savannah to find some trouble. 

“Hello Miss, do you know the speed limit around here?”

“Oh Hello Officer” I pause to check your name tag, “….Officer Johnson, I must’ve been distracted for a moment.” 

“Miss, I’ve been following you for about 10 minutes now and you’ve been speeding the entire time. I’m going to need to see your license and registration please.” 

“Sure, no problem.”

I pull my license from my wallet, then fetch registration documents from the glove compartment. 

I hand the documents over to you with a faux smile on my face.

“I’m going to my car to run your name - I’ll be back in a minute. You stay here.” 

Shit. Will he be able to see my long list of unpaid parking tickets? Or is that information accessible only in New York?

I struggle to recall the most up-to-date info I’ve been given about the status of my license. I keep meaning to pay off the outstanding tickets but I haven’t been driving lately in New York and the task keeps slipping my mind. 

Dylan, time to step into your power and disarm him.

You reemerge from your vehicle a few moments later and return to my driver’s side window. 

“Miss Reid, it seems you’ve got quite a few demerits on your license. I’m going to have to write you a pretty large fine here. You were going 27 clicks over the speed limit in these parts, that’s not just speeding…it’s reckless driving. I’m also going to need you to step out of the vehicle so I can do a quick search before I give you this ticket here and send you on your way.” 

I wait a few moments before replying, keeping my gaze at the road in front of me.


“Pardon me?”

“I said, No.”

“Now Miss, I’m not asking you, I’m telling y—“ I cut you off mid-sentence; “Power is the most valuable kind of currency in the world, don’t you think?”

You falter for a second, then reply, “Well, um, I guess you could say tha—“ I cut you off again; “Do you know what real power is, Officer Johnson?”

I turn my gaze from the road and look up at you to find a bewildered look and furrowed brow. 

Real power is having one of these,” I say, as I move two of my long delicate fingers to point underneath my skirt between my legs.”




My eyes move down your body, pausing at the crotch of your uniform slacks, which have tightened considerably. 

Oh, this one’s going to be easier than I thought. I think as a smirk crosses my face.

“Miss, please…step out of your vehicle.” Your voice is shaky. 




The crotch of your slacks gets tighter still.

“The thing about it is this, Officer; you don’t actually have any real power. Your uniform has the power. But if I stripped you naked right here on the side of this road, you wouldn’t be feeling very powerful, now would you Officer?”

I turn my smirking face to yours. Sweat is beginning to form along your hairline. 

I feel a familiar tingling sensation between my legs. Disarming a man of his perceived power brings me such great pleasure. It’s intoxicating.

I continue; “Meanwhile, if I strip naked right here, right now, I will feel even more powerful. My glorious naked body would bring you to your knees.” 

“Miss, please do as I ask…I don’t want to get you into any trouble here today.” you swallow hard, struggling to maintain your composure in the face of a woman who sees right through you. 

“That will be Mis-tress, to you” I reply while staring intensely into your bewildered eyes. 

Without breaking eye contact, I reach for the door handle and pull it, then slowly open the car door before getting out.

As you attempt to walk around me to search the car, I move to block you. 

You move to the other side. I block you again. I’m standing in front of you, almost eye to eye, apart from a few inch height difference in your favor.

You’re getting frustrated with my insubordination. You have never had your authority so blatantly disregarded, nevertheless by a woman half your age.

I smile broadly at you, then lean in closer so my ruby red lips are just two inches from your mouth, “I believe this is the part where you’re supposed to punish me, right?” I bite my lip, playfully.

Your frustration grows and you grab my arm and yank me towards the hood of my car, then push my back until I’m bent over it. 

I chuckle as my face presses against the warm aluminum. 

“Now I’m trying to be a gentleman here Miss Reid but if you keep playin’ around I’m going to slap some cuffs on you.” One of your hands clutches the cuffs dangling from your police belt, for effect.

“Ha! Well, I’ve got a lot more experience doin’ the cuffing than being cuffed, but I might make an exception for you ‘cuz you’re pretty handsome!” I wink and smile coyly over my shoulder.

I begin to reach back as if preparing to be cuffed, but instead, I grip the hem of my black cotton skirt and pull it up over my round, perky ass cheeks, exposing my naked pussy which I can tell by now is getting wet. I look back over my shoulder at you once more, cheek still pressed to the car hood.

You’re staring, in awe, at my glistening slit, stacked on top of two legs that could rival a runway model’s. 

I release my grip on the hem of my skirt and slowly move my hands to grip my ass cheeks and spread myself open so you have a clear view of the beautiful little rosebud opening above my perfect pussy. 

You swallow hard again. A bead of perspiration drips from your temple, down the side of your face. 

I lift myself off of the car hood and move towards you, enjoying the tortured look that you’re trying unsuccessfully to conceal from me.

Again my mouth is just inches from yours, and this time I press my braless tits against your chest and place one of my manicured hands on your crotch to gently stroke your now fully erect rod.

“Do you want to know what I think, Officer?”




“I think you’ve been buttoned up in this uniform for too many days, and too many nights. You’re all wound up. Tense. It’s not good for your health. Always responsible, always in charge, fighting crime, chasing down bad guys....” I move my lips to your ear, my warm breath sending chills through your body. “Don’t you ever get tired of it all?” I coo softly into your ear. 

“Well, I guess I….sometimes….” you stammer. 

“Shhhhh….it’s okay. I understand. Having power all the time isn’t easy. Not everyone can handle it.” I pull back to look you in the eyes again. “I’m going to take over now.” I plant my lips on yours and gently suck and nibble your bottom lip. Your cock is pulsing and warm in my hand. I pull my lips away and lock eyes with you once more, as I undo the button and zipper of your slacks and pull your engorged cock from them. A look of desperation crosses your face but you don’t otherwise respond. My fingers are gripping your erection firmly and I’m gently stroking from base to tip, over and over. With every gesture, tension is released from your body and soon your brow furrow is gone and replaced with a look of relief. 

My arousal is now dripping down my exposed inner thighs. I unwrap my fingers from your cock and grab your wrist, guiding your hand to the heat between my legs, and placing it onto my cleanly shaven mound. 

Your mouth falls open as you feel the moisture flowing from my slit.

“It’s perfect, isn’t it?” I ask, rhetorically. 

“It is, Miss”

I yank your hand away, still holding your wrist. 

I narrow my eyes at you. “What did I tell you to call me?”

“Oh yes. It’s perfect, Mistress.” 

“That’s correct,” I say, again placing your hand between my legs. “And you want it, don’t you?” 

“I do, Mistress.” 

“Well, you’re a lucky man today. Because I’ve been on a long, boring car ride for six hours already, and I could use a good fuck to avoid feeling restless for the remaining six-hour drive.” 

Your cock bounces in anticipation. 

You begin to push two fingers up into my dripping cunt, and I immediately slap your forearm. “No,” I say, sternly. “Not until I say you can.”

“You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you?” 

“Yes, Mistress.” 

“Well, we both know where naughty boys go.” I grab your arm firmly and begin guiding you to the back door of your car. You resist momentarily, feigning control.

I release your arm, turn towards the car and place both of my hands on top of it, spreading my legs and pushing my ass out to taunt you. 

You approach behind me and place your hands on my hips, just below the fabric of the skirt that I’m now wearing around my waist. 

“Mistress, may I?”

“Yes, you may…but not here. Get inside the car, now.” My tone leaves no room for questioning.

I step away from the door so you can open it. “Watch your head, dear!” I say playfully, knowing that’s usually your role. 

You’re in the back seat with your belted pants around your ankles. I climb in after you, straddling you, face to face, but without lowering my hips onto your aching cock. 

“Before I give you the sweet release that you need so badly, we need to have a little chat about this fine you’re proposing. What I need from you is for you to forget my reckless driving and just carry on with your day as if you never saw me here on this highway. Okay?”

“I can’t do that I could lose my job if anybody finds out.” 

"I won't tell if you won't," I say, with a wink.

I guide your fuckpole to the lips of my kitty and lower myself just an inch, so your throbbing tip can feel my warm, wet inside. 

Your eyes almost roll back in your head and your hands move to my hips to try to force me down onto your lap. 

I slap your face with medium force for the disobedience. 

“Never try that again with me. I will deny you my perfect pussy and leave you with painful blue balls!” 

You hang your head slightly in shame, “Sorry, Mistress.” 

I reach back and grab the handcuffs from the belt at your ankles. My ongoing experience with them makes handling them easy and moments later I’ve got them open and ready to ensure that you won’t be able to make the same mistake again.

“Put your hands behind your back.” I direct. 

As you open your mouth to reply, I clench my pussy around the tip of your cock and lower myself another inch into your lap. Your mouth closes without protest and you place your hands behind your back.

I attach the cuffs and clamp them shut.

The sound of cuffs closing around my play toy’s wrists sends a new rush of juices flowing from inside my pussy and dripping down your thick shaft. A moan escapes my lips, and your eyes light up in approval.

“See how pleasurable it can be, to relinquish control and let me take care of you?” I smile at you as I wipe away some beads of sweat from your hairline. I lean towards you and gently lick the side of your neck and up to your ear before whispering “You’re such a good boy, are you ready for a reward?” 

Your head nods vigorously. “Yes Mistress, yes I am!” 

I clench as hard as I can and lower myself completely onto your lap, grinding front and back, your shaft hitting my g spot perfectly. Waves of pleasure roll through my body and electric shocks travel up and down my spine as I rock my body faster and faster towards explosive orgasm. 

Your eyes are wild with pleasure as you watch my beautiful body use yours for my gratification. Your moans of ecstasy increasing my arousal and taking me to the brink of unleashing all over your lap.

Soon erotic torture is visible on your face and I can tell you are fighting the urge to cum before I do. 

I grab your face by the chin and look into your eyes before saying “You will not cum until I give you permission. Do you understand?” 

Eagerly you reply “Yes Mistress!” while nodding frantically. 

Hearing those words takes me to the edge once again and I resume clenching around your cock and rocking my body until I’m feeling dizzy with power and pleasure. 

We’re both moaning heavily when I release and drench your dick and balls with my warm, silky juices. 

I stop rocking my hips and fall forward into you for a few moments while my heart rate slows and breathing returns to normal.

Once it does, I hop off your lap and climb out of the car. 

"Wait! Where are you going?!” you call out in desperation.

“I have to be at my parents for dinner by 6! Don’t want to be late! That wouldn’t be very nice, would it?” 

“But…but….I need the release. I will rip up your fine, I promise! Mistress please?!” 

“Well alright then, that seems reasonable.” I shrug and hop back into the car. 

Precum glistens on the tip of your cock.

I sit down next to you and bend over so my head is hovering over your lap. 

I use the tip of my tongue to lap up the shiny beads that continue to dribble out and down the length of your shaft. 

You moan loudly, grateful for the attention where you need it most. 

I cup one hand around your sack, which is tight and ready to explode through your shaft. I gently massage and tickle your taut balls as I continue to lick around the tip of your dick. 

Your body starts convulsing and you call out “Now?! Mistress can I please cum now??” 

“Yes, you may” I reply, encouragingly. Before I have time to pull my head back, you unleash and a long thick rope of cum shoots out onto my pretty red lips. I pull my head and hand away as you continue convulsing and dispersing your seeds voraciously all over your dick and lap. 

I wipe your sperm off my lips, along with some of my red lipstick and smear it onto your mouth. “You didn’t ask if you could cum on me, that was naughty!

I climb back out of the car slowly, giving you a final close-up look at my spectacular form. 

“Mistress! You haven’t un-cuffed me!” 

“Ohhhh, I don’t think I’m ready to do that yet. I slam the car door shut behind me. “But I’ll tell you what….” 

“If you wait here for me like a good obedient boy, I’ll come to find you here on my way back to NY in a couple of days, and I’ll allow you to fuck my ass and fill me with all that sweet cum of yours.” 

I position my still-bare ass in front of the passenger window before bending over and gripping both cheeks, spreading them open to show you my tight little asshole. My pussy is still dripping wet, so I moisten my finger before sliding it into my rear, one final taunt before I abandon you and continue my journey to Georgia.

When I stand up and look through the window, your cock is already engorged again, and your eyes are wild with desire. 

I chuckle and skip back to my car before hopping in and speeding off. 

Glancing in the rearview mirror I take one final look at you. 

Pussy Power. Works every time.