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Filling in the Blanks

Summary: For curious ones who've yet to meet me! It's all in the (session) details. ;)

Hello Reader!

If you've perused my website then you should have a fairly broad understanding of what I offer my play partners. However, there are some details that are not often mentioned, so I'm writing an entry to fill in some blanks about what you can expect during a shared experience with me.

  • Aromatherapy candles and calming lavender mist on your pillow during the massage portion
  • Someone who has some professional massage training
  • A combination of muscle work and light sensual touches and teasing during your massage
  • A curated playlist of kama sutra & tantric instrumental music for ambiance
  • My un-rushed, undivided attention - My phone is silenced, and I am always completely present with you during our time together
  • A happy, energetic person whose positive energy will usually lift your own mood (I cultivate joy and gratitude every day during meditation)
  • You will always be my only date on the day that we meet - I never book multiple sessions in a single day
  • A clean, tidy room/suite and a shower with fresh linens
  • A clean, tidy play partner who is freshly showered
  • All-star head! Seriously - I'm highly gifted in this area
  • A woman who loves exploring sensuality and sexuality with an open mind
  • If you're booking an 'Unleashed' session: I will have several toys that can enhance pleasure for both of us

I take pride in paying attention to details and I have been told many times that it's noticed and appreciated.

If you pass my screening process, that means I believe you'll be a quality companion, so I will very much enjoy taking good care of you while we're together. :)

Lastly, if you have any lingering questions that have not already been answered here or elsewhere on my site, you are welcome to reach out and ask me anything. As long as you're a gentleman, I will always be accommodating.

XO Dylan