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Private Dream Date

Summary: New session details (Returning Post-Pandemic)

Let me paint a picture in your mind by sharing an example of a private dream date. But before I do, I should tell you a few things about myself. The first is that I am very detail-oriented. This sentiment has been echoed by several of my returning visitors. I love to create an all-encompassing experience during the time we spent together. Lately, I have leaned into this inclination by adding aromatic candles (with scents known to increase feelings of warmth and relaxation), burning palo santo wood to cleanse the space's air, and doing a guided meditation just before a session, so I can bring my most grounded and present self into the experience.

Now, enter a dream date fantasy with me:

You have been feeling run-down by an increasingly heavy workload and not nearly enough time spent satisfying your needs. Maybe you haven't been sleeping well, maybe you're operating on auto-pilot to a certain extent. You're definitely not feeling your best, and you're growing tired of it. You finally decide to take action and find a solution to restore your feelings of wellbeing and satisfaction. You stumble upon my profile online and feel an urge to reach out. 

After a few pleasant emails back and forth to handle logistics, your self-indulgence day has arrived and you can hardly wait until you leave the office to come meet me. 

As you approach the luxury hotel that I've booked for our date, your shoulders relax some, and your excitement increases. On the elevator up to our suite, the usual nerves momentarily arise, but they've gone the moment I open the door to greet you.

A statuesque woman in tall stilettos and a lacy negligee is standing just inside the door, smiling warmly at you. There's a twinkle in my big blue eyes, and you feel comfortable immediately, knowing you're in good hands this evening.

Usually, you would excuse yourself to take a quick shower, but tonight offers a more sensual cleansing ritual. There's a large round bathtub in our suite which can comfortably fit the both of us, with extra room to play. I have already begun drawing a bath, added Epsom salts* and therapeutic essential oils, and lit candles around the tub. 

Now I walk over to you, pressing my soft lips against yours for a few moments before I begin unbuttoning your shirt, then your belt buckle, then your pants. As the latter falls to the floor, I lower myself to my knees and begin tickling and teasing your inner thighs, your sack, and shaft, to give you a preview of what's to come later on.

Next, I stand in front of you and strip off my lacy lingerie, step out of my stilettos one-by-one, then take your hand and guide you to the first relaxing experience that awaits us. 

Before joining you in the tub, I straddle your back with my bottom on the edge, so I can give you a neck and shoulder massage. As I kneed your muscles, I can feel your tension begin to melt away in my hands. Once your shoulders have fully relaxed, I slip into the warm water and lean back on you, my back to your chest, so you can enjoy the view of my spectacular breasts. I invite you to fondle me, as I reach behind me under the bubbles and begin to stroke you to an erection. 

I can tell this is just what you've been needing, as your moans and deep sighs reach my ears. I love vocal expressions that let me know my efforts are appreciated. It makes me feel so good to know that I'm pleasing you in this way. 

We relax and fondle awhile longer until you're ready to take me to bed. Once you have laid down on your stomach, I grab my oil and disperse it all over my breasts, stomach, and thighs, before slowly gliding my body up and down yours. I pause to gently lick and nibble your earlobe, breathing warm air onto your ear that sends shivers of pleasure all through your body. Then I use my hands to massage your neck, back, shoulders, arms, and legs. The tension that was ever-present in your body before you stepped in the door tonight is now long gone.

When you're ready, you flip over and allow me to go down on you. My mouth is wet, warm and soft as it gently suctions onto your now rock-hard shaft. I'm gifted at oral, you soon discover. My tongue travels down to your inner thighs, my lips and tongue rub your sack. I look up at you with my big blue eyes and long dark lashes, to see your eyes rolling back from the intense pleasure. I smile, loving this moment. When you're close to climax, I thrust your cock deep down my throat, allowing your seeds to slip down inside of me. You taste delicious. 

I join you to lie on our king-sized bed for a few moments before asking what you'd like me to order us from room-service. Once the order is placed, we continue relaxing together while chatting about shared interests. We share some of our most adventurous sex stories, and things that we'd like to try but haven't yet. When our dinner arrives, we don hotel robes and sit to continue our conversation over a delicious meal and some wine. 

Once we return to bed to continue playing, it's time to let our wild and uninhibited sides come out for each other. I've brought several pleasure-enhancing toys with me, which I show you with excitement. You're hard again in no-time, and ready to experience Dylan, unleashed. I lube up my butt plug and let you watch as I push inside my tight little behind. I lay back and spread my legs wide, inviting you to mount me and fuck me hard. I'm tight (and made tighter by the large plug in my ass), and it takes some time for you to work me open so you can fit deep inside of me. Once my pussy has relaxed and invited you in fully, I ask you to pound me. I'm looking you in the eyes, telling you how good you make me feel when your throbbing cock is gliding in and out of my slippery wet cunt. You want to try my newest toy, a vibrating cock ring, so you slip that on. Your mouth drops open as you feel the vibrations rolling through your groin and down your thighs. It's a heavenly pleasure. You push yourself back into me, allowing me to join you in experiencing these sensations. Deep moans escape my lips and my legs are shaking from stimulation. It doesn't take long before I'm cumming all over your beautiful dick.

After my first orgasm, I ask you to fuck me in the ass. You watch between my legs as I reach down and slowly retrieve the large metal plug. While I'm still gaping, you push the tip of your cock inside, as my asshole closes around it, gently squeezing you. You are so turned on by this that you have to go slowly for a while so you don't cum too fast. Your slow and steady thrusts feel electrifying, and I am so grateful for the pleasure you're giving me tonight. Having your beautiful, vibrating cock deep inside my ass is one of my very favorite pleasures. Soon I can feel another orgasm building, and my moans increase in volume. I move my manicured fingers to my clit and begin rubbing in circles, which leads me to climax again. As I'm convulsing underneath you, you can't hold back anymore and you explode inside me. I can feel your warm jizz and I fucking love it. You collapse on top of me for a few moments to catch your breath. Our hearts are both beating rapidly against each other's chests.

When you lie down next to me on the bed, I come to curl up next to you under your arm. My fingers softly graze your chest, sending residual pleasure waves through your body from head to toe.

Afterward, we enjoy some more wine and chit chat, until you have to head home to bed.**

On your way out the door, you thank me for the perfect evening. I thank you too since I feel the same. :)

XO Dylan

 Ultimately, what we do during your dream date is, of course, up to you. If there is a particular fantasy that you've been keeping in mind but have yet to explore, please bring that to my attention. You will find that I'm very open-minded, accommodating, and often interested in enjoying new experiences with great company.

*Epsom salt baths promote body detoxification and offer additional benefits such as relaxation, pain relief, and softening the skin.

**This session can be offered as an overnight.

***The play part of this session can be offered as a duo for an additional fee.

****The listed rate is for up to 5 hours & includes room service costs.