the one and only

Hello All,

I must say, I am incredibly excited to re-connect with my readers and to share some news with you. 

Over the past three months, I have undergone a powerful transformation. While cooped up at home alone, without the distractions of the external world, I went inward and focused much of my energy on self-discovery, increasing my state of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, and adding new depths to my already multi-faceted personality.

I read many books on subjects ranging from love to communication, to spiritual healing, and even about open/non-traditional relationships. I learned so much about myself during this process. I also studied several new modalities for elevating consciousness, experiencing more pleasure, joy, and gratitude, and of course, love (for myself, those in my life, and the world at large.)

It has become abundantly clear to me that I have many gifts that I have not been utilizing or sharing with others in certain parts of my life; primarily Dylan's. Orgasms are, of course, quite wonderful, and I remain very confident in this area of providing. But there is so much more that can be enjoyed during our time together, and I believe that now is the perfect moment to offer a new kind of elevated experience. One that facilitates a mind-body connection, increased sense of presence (living in the here and now), and heightened sensations that can be felt on a deeper level.

We all deserve to feel the most simple and pure pleasures in this world; joy, gratitude, healing, loving energy, and of course, sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, many of us are walking around with energetic blocks in our body and a disconnect from our mind that prevent us from reaching these high-vibration states of being.

I presently feel like a fully awakened goddess with infinite potential and I would like to call in those special individuals who are looking for something more in their lives. If you feel stagnant, disconnected, or down in any way, and find yourself open to a new experience with a new friend, I encourage you to reach out to me.

I will not share all of the details here just yet, but I will be happy to discuss them with you one-on-one prior to our meeting.

In order to focus on giving my all to those select few who are ready for a multi-layered, transformational experience, complete with all of the sexual indulgences that I've previously communicated in diary entries (my high sex drive has not gone anywhere - it's actually increased ten-fold!) I have decided not to take on the more surface-level interactions that I sometimes encountered, especially during Dylan's shorter engagements.

I truly want us to forget about time and space and connect deeply with each other, if only for one night (or afternoon.) Those are the experiences that enrich my life. I want us to take our time, let sensations build slowly, be mindful in our exploration of ourselves and each other.

If this sounds enjoyable to you, please read on for the details:

- Fill out the screening form on my website. 

- Once the initial screening is complete, a phone call will be scheduled to go further into detail and to assess compatibility.

- If the call goes well, we will be able to schedule our date and I will be sure to come prepared with all of the yummy treats and other items needed to facilitate a truly unique and wholly satisfying private adventure.

- Aside from my donation, all that will be required of you is that you arrive with an open mind.

- You can find the donation for 3 hours (minimum), 5 hours, or 12 hours (overnight) on the Sexperiences page of my site. Other session lengths can be arranged - please inquire for additional information.

Additionally, I ask that you please silence your phone during our session to avoid interrupting particular activities, but you will have opportunities to check your notifications (if need be) during our visit.

I will look forward to hearing from you,